The Next Generation in Fluid Equalizing Suspension Technology

Intelliport is offering qualified sales and manufacturing organizations the opportunity to obtain an exclusive license to build and market these totally unique self-loading, omni-directional travel, multi-axle transporters that target specialty market applications in the 10-ton through 50-ton ranges. The new licensee will be free to build the full range of highly proven transporters in the over 50-ton ranges as well.

Preview the OmniAxle In Motion

Over the past 20 years Intelliport’s technology has made it possible for Wheelift to perform otherwise impossible tasks in heavy assembly operations at NASA, the NAVY’s shipyards, in nuclear plants, and in a variety of aerospace assembly operations.

OMNiTruck is the next generation of heavy transporters that become a practical means of addressing much larger markets, and in capacities from 10-ton through 50-ton and far beyond. Intelliport is seeking qualified manufacturers that can be interested in obtaining an exclusive license to build and market this new technology.

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